Paypal One Card Unlimited Trick

Paypal One Card Unlimited Trick

Trick is here

Main Trick is – No Need To Create Paypal Account First.
Requirements :
  1. Paypal Merchant Account
  2. Blog/Website
  3. Single DBS New Fresh Debit card/ Physical Card or Any Bank New fresh Physical Debit Card
What to do :
  1. Create a Blog Post Embed Code BUY NOW/Add to cart Button From Paypal Merchant Account
  2. If You Don't know How to create Paypal Merchant Account And Blog You Can Contact me on
    Whatsapp +917011559463 or Join The Whatsapp Group Click Here . There is Charge to Create Paypal Merchant Account And Blog of Rs 1200 fix. I will make blog like my site.
  3. Create Blog Post And Paste That Code in html section and save.
  4. Now Open That post and Choose 400 and Click On BUY NOW /ADD TO CART
  5. Now Go For Checkout.

Main Steps:
  1. Don’t Login to your account just Click.

3. Enter Card Details,Address and All Details. ( Use Instant Mail or temp mail )
4. Pay Rs. 400 and Stay on That Page. You have to Put Here Password And Date of Birth to Create Account.
5. After successful transaction , login to your account using password and remove the card.
6. Open blog post Choose Rs.200 and Pay again from cashback voucher
7. Use your single debit card for Unlimited Transactions.

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